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Wall Painting – The world you will not want to leave!


Hello,  My name is Artur

For over a dozen years now, I have been engaged in professional artistic painting of murals, painting walls, rooms and other surfaces. I am the person who will make your interiors and interiors of your loved ones charm with color. I create children’s rooms full of magic and fairy-tale fantasies, modern and atmospheric stylizations of offices, restaurants, hotels and commercial premises. I paint murals in schools, pre-schools, I take care of artistic wall painting in clinics, hospitals and dental offices. The paintings that I make are of the highest quality, unique, created with the help of artistic paints of the best companies that are completely safe for children and allergy sufferers.

I will make your children’s world turn into a fairy-tale land and the restaurant or company will gain a unique atmosphere.

I invite you to visit my gallery of Artistic Painting of Murals

We will enliven any interior!

Some of my Customers

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My services are supported by years of experience and should be the guarantee of satisfaction. I put my whole heart and a lot of work into my projects. It is not only my job but above all a life passion.

Wall Painting – The world you will not want to leave!

Wall Painting is an increasingly popular method for enriching our interiors. It quietly crept into our everyday lives and is becoming more and more trendy. Hand Painted Murals win our hearts and ignite our minds, developing child’s as well as ours imagination.

The paintings can be painted by Mural Artist everywhere, at your Home, in your Apartment, Company, School or Pre-school, while the only limit is our imagination.

Wall painting is very attractive to the eye, it is an efficient and extremely effective form of advertising; it draws the attention of potential customers standing out among the competition.

My services Hand Painted Murals include, among others:

artistic wall painting, decorative painting, fresco, mural, murals design, arrangement of bars, clubs, pubs, hair salons, painting murals in children’s rooms, kindergartens, Wall murals can be found in bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels, hairdressers, etc.

choosing a color for the room, club, bar, restaurant,

protecting the facade against graffiti artists – anti-graffiti coatings,

painting by spraying and hydrodynamic method, large murals and graphic motifs